Avo Lip Butter (Kids Lips Balm)
Avo Lip Butter (Kids Lips Balm)

Avo Lip Butter (Kids Lips Balm)

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Made lovingly for my two baby girls with dry lips. And being so little, I was worried about chemicals found in store-bought lip balms, and so I whipped up these little magic balms to nourish and protect their delicate sweet lips.

This is an amazing lip balm for adults too! I personally love using bright red lipstick *vintage is my style* =P. But as you know, dry lips and bright lipstick just don't go well together. I've been using this balm to moisturise my lips before applying my lipstick and I feel so confident all day long, not having ever to worried if my lips look dry or if the lip colour cracks.

Comes in an easy-to-use tub, as my experience with lip balms in tubes for little kids hasn't been pleasant. Imagine a curious 3  year-old, twisting the entire tube up and smearing it onto carpets and furniture. Yep... not... nice and not easy to clean at all!

A pot of Avo Lip Butter holds 13mL of magic, which is 2.5 times more than a regular lip balm. Get two tubs (one for you and one for baby) for better savings!

How to use:
Apply onto dry lips as often as needed. Suitable for 1 year-old onwards.